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Small Business Supports

Our shared vision for economic prosperity — articulated in our Investment Blueprint, co-funded by private business leaders, local cities, Stanislaus County and Stanislaus Community Foundation — is defining how we support our county’s small businesses.


Utilizing a market assessment from the Brookings Institution combined with community voices, Stanislaus 2030 and our partners have begun the work to leverage the highest-leverage opportunities to move our region's economy forward in the coming decade and beyond.

The early stages of the work included launching a Strategic Working Group, gathering data about small businesses and their needs in Stanislaus County, and contracting a strategic partner with a track record of success with similar public-private partnerships. 

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Small Business Implementation Plan

We teamed up with Next Street to analyze Stanislaus County's small business landscape, identify key strategies, and develop a robust plan for achieving success. 


Released in May 2024, the Small Business Strategy & Implementation Plan includes critical inputs from the Stanislaus 2030 Small Business Collaborative (the Collaborative), which convened with a shared goal of bolstering entrepreneurship and small business dynamism in the County. Participating stakeholders throughout the process included entrepreneurs, local government representatives, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, and national experts in community and economic development.

Read the full plan in English or Spanish or download our four-page executive summary (Spanish) to discover more about the pathways to a high-performing, diverse economy and economic mobility for all County community members.

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More About Next Street

Stanislaus 2030 has partnered with Next Street, a nationally recognized, mission-driven firm that specializes in economic development to further build on Investment Blueprint insights and to assist in implementing Investment Blueprint priorities


Driving solutions such as community-based business hubs, loan funds, and financial mentoring, Next Street aims in the coming years to help build a thriving support network that will enable any entrepreneur in Stanislaus County to succeed— and create quality jobs in the process.

Watch "Get to Know Next Street" to learn more about this valuable resource's work.

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Small Business Success

Small businesses beat at the heart of thriving communities, driving economic growth and creating opportunities. Yet despite their vital role to the region, Stanislaus County small businesses face an array of challenges, from access to technical assistance to a lack of culturally competent support. 


Recognizing these pain points, Stanislaus 2030 and its working group members — local Chambers of Commerce, municipal partners, community development organizations, and financial institutions — are taking a more in-depth look at existing support systems. In compiling both quantitative and qualitative data to better understand the local small business landscape, Stanislaus 2030 has uncovered vital insights that will shape our approach to transforming the local small business ecosystem. Learn more here

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