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Child Care Report

Our comprehensive report outlines a 10-year plan to close the child care supply gap, improve job quality for caregivers, and enable greater labor force participation among parents.

It was critical to us to find the highest-leverage opportunities that move our region's economy forward in the coming decade. This investment blueprint highlights those strategies and points to concrete next steps. This report includes the estimated dollars needed to jumpstart each strategy. We recognize that these investments will come from multiple sources, including private investors as well as public funding at the federal, state, and local level. Read the full report to learn more.

How this Investment Blueprint can be used:

  • Align organizational strategic plans around the priority focus areas within the Blueprint

  • Utilize the Market Assessment and Data Book to inform organizational planning and funding decisions

  • Build multi-stakeholder collaboratives that focus on issue areas

  • Connect funding to do 'double duty' and extend to more clients/local community members

  • If you would like a presentation on Stanislaus 2030 for your organization, email your request to 

Community Insights Summary


Stanislaus 2030 has been designed to incorporate both data and narrative. An extensive market assessment that combined national principles and data tools for inclusive regional economic strategies was developed by the Brookings Institution, with applied research and qualitative analyses of local circumstances. At the same time, Stanislaus 2030 worked with local community engagement firm Debrief to understand the goals residents have, the challenges they face in meeting those goals and their aspirations for the Stanislaus 2030 initiative and the future. Click below to read the data that is currently available and informing our work.

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Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides an overview of the Market Assessment, a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the region’s economic performance and competitive position.

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Market Assessment

The Market Assessment is a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the region’s economic performance and competitive position. This assessment offers a common evidence base and considerations for diverse stakeholders to jointly make decisions on economic and workforce priorities, strategic responses, and how to implement them.

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Data Book

The Data Book includes the rich, detailed data that informs the Market Assessment. Full of charts and data, this shows Stanislaus County's economic challenges and opportunities for the future, as well as performance in the Drivers of Competitiveness - Clusters, Talent, Innovation, Infrastructure and Governance.

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Opportunity Industries Methodology

The Brookings Institution developed a novel "Opportunity Industries" analysis that identifies the sectoral distributions of “good” and “promising” jobs that
enable workers to achieve self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.

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Community Engagement

Understanding the lived experience of Stanislaus County residents is a critical component of this effort. Stanislaus 2030 community engagement partner Debrief is capturing resident voices to help inform the investment plans. To learn about the community engagement efforts to date, and what we are hearing, click below.

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Governance Mapping and Findings

Whether regions can deliver on their ideas and ambitions depends on effective “governance”—the formulation and execution of collective action across institutional, jurisdictional, and sectoral boundaries. Explicitly assessing governance acknowledges that achieving desired economic development outcomes depends on action beyond the direct control or resources of economic developers.

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