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Our Shared Progress

Stanislaus 2030 is a dynamic, collaborative effort involving multiple organizations and experts towards a shared goal of improved economic prosperity for all Stanislaus County community members. To capture our collective progress, we are sharing impactful highlights across our multiple partners and projects.


Read the latest about Stanislaus 2030 and our partner organizations who are advancing the Stanislaus 2030 Investment Blueprint strategies, tactics, and ideologies.


Read the latest news about Stanislaus 2030.

May 2023
  • Governor Gavin Newsom announced $39 million in state funding going to economic development projects across the state that support California’s transition to a low-carbon, green growth future. BEAM Circular was awarded $3.6 million to focus on accelerating bio-based innovations and the manufacturing industry cluster that complement the region’s strength in food and agriculture while creating family-sustaining jobs across the region.

  • The Circular Bioeconomy Innovation Collaborative (CBIO Collaborative) has been awarded $1 million from the U.S. National Science Foundation's (NSF) Regional Innovation Engines program for "Advancing Circular Bioeconomy Technologies in North San Joaquin Valley." The CBIO Collaborative is among the more than 40 unique teams to receive one of the first NSF Engines Development Awards, which aim to help partners collaborate economic, societal and technological opportunities for their regions. The CBIO Collaborative is a regional effort with partners from throughout the Northern San Joaquin Valley to create a robust ecosystem that accelerates the development of innovations in bioindustrial manufacturing, improves environmental sustainability across the food and agriculture supply chain and nurtures a more vibrant, inclusive economy to create family-sustaining jobs. The team is led by UC Merced, BEAM Circular and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

March 2023
  • Stanislaus County supervisors clarify how $30 million for economic development will be spent, with $18 million dedicated to the Stanislaus 2030 blueprint for developing bioindustrial manufacturing and other 2030 initiatives such as talent development, job skills training & small business growth.

  • Stanislaus County supervisors approve $1.3 million for the next stage of the Stanislaus 2030 economic development initiative, including development of a talent development strategy, an entrepreneurship and small business growth strategy, as well as an expansion of child care services.

February 2023
January 2023
  • Supervisors approve $10 million to support the creation of a new bioindustry hub in Stanislaus County. 

  • Modesto Junior College incorporates Stanislaus 2030 in the college's Instructional Outlook Report, and approves new hires in positions closely aligned with this initiative, including industrial electronics (automation); animal, plant, and environmental horticulture sciences; mechanized agriculture/irrigation (conservation/maximization of water resources); chemistry and biology.

December 2022
November 2022
October 2022

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