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Our History

Stanislaus 2030 was born out of the desire to intentionally build resilient future industries aligned around our strong agricultural base, and at the same time, ensure greater financial prosperity for local families.

What is Stanislaus 2030?

Stanislaus 2030 started in 2021 as a bold, ambitious multi-sector initiative co-led by local business leaders, higher education and government partners alongside labor and community-based organizations to create and deliver a joint strategy and investment plan in 2022.


Stanislaus 2030 was launched to explore the drivers and enablers of our economy – traded industries, talent pipelines, innovation and entrepreneurship, infrastructure and governance. Inclusive regional economic development experience and expertise was enlisted from the Brookings Institution for a quantitative and qualitative market assessment. The rich lived experience of residents was added to this assessment, with the support of local community engagement team, Debrief.


Stanislaus 2030 didn’t stop with data and stories, however. Local leaders, elected officials, and many other partners embarked on a 10-month process that began with research and resulted with the actionable strategies outlined in the Investment Blueprint. These strategies will prioritize the case for public and private investment in the coming decade.

Brookings Framework for Economic Success

Structure, Process and Reports

Based on work with metro areas and states on economic recovery and resilience since the Great Recession, the Brookings Institution created the Metro Monitor framework below as a more comprehensive measure of economic success that encompasses prosperity and inclusion, as well as growth. With increased attention to the negative competitive and societal consequences of disparities, reinforced by the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, this framework has been adopted by many regions over the past five years, including ours, to guide decisions on economic and workforce development strategies, programs, and progress.


To learn about how Stanislaus 2030 was launched and the structure and process used to launch this effort, read more in the 2022 Market Assessment Executive Summary. The timeline below is an overview of the first phase of Stanislaus 2030.

Stanislaus 2030 Timeline

To read the rich data and comprehensive reports generated throughout the Stanislaus 2030 process, go to our Data & Reports page.


This project is being supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number SLFRP2096 awarded to County of Stanislaus by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Community Engagement Efforts

Stanislaus 2030 was designed to incorporate both data and narrative. To do that, local community engagement firm Debrief was engaged to understand the goals and aspirations of Stanislaus County community members, and the challenges they face in meeting those goals. Click here to read the community input that informed the work. 


Collective community action requires dedicated partners across numerous sectors in our community. The initial phase of Stanislaus 2030 (Summer 2021-Fall 2022) received support - time and resources - from numerous public, private and civic partners. View the Stanislaus 2030 Investment Blueprint for a complete list of key partners and participants.



  • Beard Land Improvement Company

  • City of Hughson

  • City of Modesto

  • City of Waterford

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Oak Valley Community Bank

  • Porges Family Foundation

  • Stanislaus Community Foundation

  • Stanislaus County

  • Wells Fargo

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