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Stanislaus 2030 is committed to creating in-person and virtual opportunities for authentic community discussion and feedback to shape a locally-owned and truly collaborative vision for our future economy.


Through our words and actions, we seek to build an equitable public process that brings a diversity of viewpoints and participation across all of Stanislaus County. We seek engagement from individuals of all ages, in-language and in a culturally appropriate manner to the maximum extent possible. 


Opportunities for public engagement include a combination of focus groups, online polls or surveys, community events and forums. Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts for community conversation opportunities.

To do all this, we are working with local community engagement firm Debrief. For the latest on our community engagement efforts, click the link below. 

Therapy Session

Focus Groups

Focus Groups allow for facilitated in-depth discussion amongst a small group of people.

Online Polls or Surveys

Polls or Surveys allow us to ask many Stanislaus County Residents a small number of questions either in-person or online.

Community Forums and Meetings

Community Forums and meetings will take place in cities throughout the County.

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